Congratulations to the winners of the Illinois PTA 2016 Membership Recruitment, Retention, Engagement Awards!

This year’s award focused not only on increase in membership, but considered the programs and activities each school utilized to reach success in membership recruitment, retention and engagement. Read below to learn what each school did…

Outstanding Recruitment Retention Engagement Award recipient, Lakeview Elementary PTA in Hoffman Estates gave the following statement about their efforts:

Lakeview PTA has had a tremendous undertaking this year. We have grown our membership in a variety of ways. Our Board had a power point presentation for our incoming families during kindergarten orientation to make families feel welcome and aware of what we do and offer. We distributed forms and gave each family a welcome packet. We personally introduced ourselves to each and every incoming kindergarten family. We also provided a “Boo Hoo Breakfast” for the parents of our kindergarteners as a way to celebrate or commiserate together as our kids are off to begin their school careers. We had approximately 30 parents attend this event. As a result, we have 24 kindergarten family PTA memberships this year.

We started new traditions, at no cost to our school, such as “Muffins with Mom” and “Donuts with Dad”, to increase our presence in our school community. We offered donuts or muffins, milk and juice at each event. We had a tremendous turn out of over 250 at each of these events. Although it did not directly result in any new members, it definitely gave us a chance to let more families know the things the PTA provides for the school and our families.

Also new this year, the PTA gave each child enrolled in our school their very own book as a birthday gift. It is stamped with a personalized PTA stamp. The kids really look forward to this event each month.

We reached out to many local businesses, government officials, and other community members for support. As a result, we were able to start relationships with 5 businesses in the area, 1 government official, and a few community members. We offered them mention in our school directory, mention on our PTA Facebook page and newsletter, and gave them a PTA window cling.

We also, for the first time, worked with our principal to have 100% full-time staff membership in our PTA. We gave each member an engraved keychain with a cute thank you note. We also have at least one staff member attending our PTA meeting each month, and an increase in staff volunteering at our events.

Adding an online volunteer signup in addition to the paper copies sent home has also given our families an additional opportunity to be involved. We have had a few more volunteers sign up who would otherwise have not because they could use technology to do so.

Our PTA definitely has come a long way this school year, but we definitely have more work to do. Who doesn’t? We are very proud of our accomplishments this year, especially adding 76 new members. I think our new ideas are innovative and fun, and definitely bring our PTA to light in our school.

Distinguished Recruitment Retention Engagement Award recipient, Lincoln PTA in Palatine, gave the following statement about their efforts:

Reserved parking was Lincoln PTA’s new membership activity to excite members. As each members sends in their membership, their name is written on a little card and dropped in a jar. At each PTA meeting, a list of upcoming PTA events is provided where we can reserve a parking spot, and one lucky member’s name is drawn from the jar to use the reserved parking spot at an event. This also provides an opportunity for membership updates at each meeting. This was a great approach to get members promptly signed up as they were eligible for some great back-to-school night reserved parking! Our PTA forms, mailed out with the school’s back-to-school information, advertised our new perk. Preferred parking has been a nice perk for our returning members. It is our hope that the perk will attract new members!

A second perk of membership is our members-only roller skating night. We reserve the rink for the night and allow non-members to join at the door. We picked up nearly 60 memberships on that October evening.

The most helpful approach for engaging members was having our membership chair present at various PTA events. We set up a tri-fold board of various pictures from our events to get people looking and see what we do with an invitation to join. Asking for specific volunteers, e.g. someone who likes to take photos, the need for a new webmaster, has proved to be a valuable recruitment and engagement tool.

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