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PTA Value

In any association, it is crucial to understand the needs of the group in which you serve. Maintaining relevance is the first step in maintaining membership. The work PTA does must be relevant to its community. People will join your PTA if they find value in what you do. In addition, the same people who join because of value will be the people who renew membership when that value is delivered.

To this end, it is strongly encouraged that your PTA develops a member value proposition. The value proposition helps determine what the value of membership is to the individual member. Having a well-defined member value proposition gives your PTA the basis to answer these questions effectively:

  • Why belong to this association?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • Who can I connect to here?
Here are a few tips that can help you determine and effectively communicate your member value proposition:
  • Define and list all the features and benefits of your PTA membership.
  • Identify your most valuable and engaged PTA members and ask them what they value.
  • Understand the needs of all groups in your member community.
  • Think from the member’s perspective and not your own.
  • Know your competitor. What does an unaffiliated parent group offer and how does PTA do it better?

While every PTA will have its own unique blend of products and services that together equate to the value the membership receives, here are a few general member benefits that all associations traditionally provide: advocacy, networking and engagement, information and knowledge collection and distribution, and volunteer opportunities.

2015-2016 Membership Card Template

The Membership Card Template can be used to layout printed cards.
These instructions and above template are to use when printing only the PTA ID and Name on the cards.

2015-2016 Membership Card Mail Merge Template

The Member Name and PTA information Template can be used to layout entire cards.
This Member Name Template can be used to layout batch printed cards.
These instructions and above template are to use when merging names of members and PTA information onto a batch of cards.

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