State Board of Directors

Executive Committee

President Brian Minsker
President-Elect Kristin Kramer
V.P. Field Operations Carolyn McCarty
V.P. Program Services Connie McElyea
Secretary Lillian Ball
Treasurer Vacant
Executive Director Jolene Lowder

Region Directors

Chicago Region Vanessa Richardson
DuPage East Region Vacant
DuPage West Region Vacant
East Central Region Vacant
Northern Region Chase Thomas
Northwest Cook Region Jennifer Ratkovich
Southern Region Greg Hobbs
South Suburban Cook Region Darvel Stinson
West Central Region Vacant
West Suburban Cook

Region Map

District Directors

District 4: Vacant
District 8: Vacant
District 10: Vacant
District 12: Vacant
District 19: Camille O'Quin
District 20: Mary Cooper
District 21: Vacant
District 22: Vacant
District 23: Catherine Jones
District 24: Ruth Johnston
District 25: Vacant
District 28: Vacant
District 34: Vacant
District 35: Vacant

Program Directors

Cultural Arts Laura Murphy
Education Issues Kelli Denard
Environmental Concerns Vacant
Health Vacant
Juvenile Protection Safety Vacant
Leadership Development Brenda Diehl
Legislation Lisa Garbaty
Membership Marketing Julie Holdeman
Family and Community Engagement Vacant
Resolutions Wendy Powers
Scholarship Angelica Parra
Immediate Past President Matthew John Rodriguez

Convention Coordinator


State Legislation Gretchen McDowell
Federal Legislation Barb Quinn
Parlimentarian Jayne Lee
Consultant to President Clifford Fulmore

Board Development and Nominating Committee

Chairman (BOD)
Lori Filby (GM)
Kristin Klis (GM)
Connie McElyea (BOD)
Darvel Stinson (BOD)
Nan Tharp (GM)
Vacant (BOD)

* BOD - Board of Directors
* GM - General Membership

Office Staff

Executive Director Jolene Lowder
Communications Ashton Palazzolo

Call for Nominations

Treasurer-Call for Nominations
Treasurer-Letter of Interest
Letter of Interest
Call for Nominations
Recommendation Letter

Call for Nominations for Election at the 2018 Illinois PTA Annual Convention

Leadership Development Program Director- incumbent is not eligible for re-election (term 2018-2020)
Legislation Advocacy Program Director- incumbent is eligible for re-election (2018-2020)
Membership and Marketing Program Director - incumbent is eligible for re-election (2018-2020)
Board Development and Nominating Committee
State Board member (2 positions for 2018-2020)
General member (2 positions for 2018-2020)

Current open positions are:

Environmental Concerns vacant (term 2017-2019)
Family and Community Engagement vacant (term 2017-2019)
Health vacant (term 2017-2019)
Juvenile Protection & Safety Incumbent vacant (term 2017-2019)
Dupage East Director vacant (term 2017-2019)
Dupage West Director vacant (term 2016-2018)
East Central Region Director vacant (term 2016-2018)
West Central Region Director vacant (term 2017-2019)
West Suburban Cook Region Director vacant (term 2016-2018)
District 4 Director - 2016-2018 Term
District 8 Director - 2016-2018 Term
District 10 Director - 2016-2018 Term
District 12 Director - 2016-2018 Term
District 21 Director - 2016-2018 Term
District 22 Director - 2016-2018 Term
District 28 Director - 2016-2018 Term
District 34 Director - 2016-2018 Term
District 35 Director - 2017-2019 Term