Juvenile Justice Legislation — Current, April 23, 2013 - Update
98th Illinois General Assembly

The Illinois Commission on Juvenile Justice has just released a wonderful study that recommends that the age be raised for all youth to 18 for being considered an adult. Presently in Illinois only those charged with a misdemeanor are considered a juvenile until the 18th birthday. The Illinois PTA has a strong position in favor of raising the age for being considered an adult to 18. You are urged to read the Commissions report, found at this link. http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=64918

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No Place for Kids — Especially in Illinois!
Juvenile Prisons in Illinois
To those of you who regularly read these articles on juvenile justice issues in Illinois, we are re-visiting an issue that we talked about a few months ago – juvenile prisons in Illinois.

Gretchen McDowell, Illinois PTA Consultant, State Legislation


Ten Years of Progress
HISTORY In 1997, a local PTA shared the following information with the Illinois PTA in the form of a Resolution to the Illinois PTA Annual Convention.

Resolved: That the Illinois PTA form a task force to study the procedures used by the state for placement of children in substitute care, group homes, permanent adoptions, and Department of Corrections.

A Task Force was appointed that began an investigation of child placement and care of children in the Juvenile Court system and they presented a written report with recommendations to the 1999 Convention. The entire original report can be requested from the Illinois PTA at info@illinoispta.org. In 2008, the Illinois PTA State Board of Managers authorized a revisit of the recommendations of the report to reconfirm their provisions or revise and/or update them. This report fulfills that task. The PTA board members who contributed to this report are listed in Appendix A.

BACKGROUND It is clear to those revisiting the recommendations of the original report, that many of its recommendations remain in need of being fulfilled. They are identified at their end with (1999). The information regarding those has been updated. Several new recommendations have been added. They are identified at their end with (new). The Illinois PTA urges the members of the PTA and all who read this report to work to turn these recommendations into reality - for the well-being of all children, and the future of our state. Specific action suggestions follow each recommendation narrative.

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