A PTA “Program” is a special presentation, event, forum, or concert scheduled as entertainment or to provide information of interest to your members and community. We create and/or seek out programs that encourage and support parent involvement in the lives of children.

One theme that has become clear to Illinois PTA is that local units are always looking for things that will grow and maintain parent involvement in your community. This page is dedicated to program ideas that will assist you in drawing interest from parents and other community members. Try something new, it may might spark interest in your PTA!

This page features various successful programs from National PTA, Illinois PTA, PTA Local Units, Partners, and Cooperating Agencies. These programs will be presented with step-by-step directions and/or templates for forms and flyers. All you have to do is take the idea and make it work for your local unit’s needs! Good luck!

Stay Informed

New programs and changes to existing programs are announced in our weekly e-news mailings, monthly E-Bulletin and through our social media channels. Subscribe to our mailing list to insure you have the most current information on our programs.