PTA University Courses

The following courses are offered by the Illinois PTA at no cost to the local PTA units and council members. Contact your District Director, Region Director, or the State PTA office to make arrangements for someone to present the courses.

University Transcript


Bachelor's Degree:

PTA 101: Your Road to Success

The PTA 101: Your Road to Success Course is designed to give PTA leaders the keys they need to help their PTA be the best it can be. Useful tips on the PTA way are presented to better prepare you for your PTA journey. Attendance at the PTA 101: Your Road to Success is one of the requirements for the Illinois PTA University Bachelor’s Degree, a recognition/incentive program developed to encourage PTA leaders to take advantage of a variety of training opportunities.

Money Matters 101

The PTA Money Matters 101 Course is designed to provide basic financial information to help PTA leaders. PTA Money Matters 101 is a prerequisite for the Money Matters 201 Course and one of the requirements for the Illinois PTA University Bachelor's Degree.


Master's Degree:

Money Matters 201

The PTA Money Matters 201 Course is designed to provide advanced financial information to help PTA leaders. PTA Money Matters 101 is a prerequisite to taking the Money Matters 201 Course. Attendance at the PTA Money Matters 201 Course is one of the requirements for the Illinois PTA University Master's Degree.

Council Course

The PTA Council Course is designed to provide information about PTA Councils. There are significant differences between a local unit and a Council. PTA Councils are a vital link between their member local units and the District and Region. .Attendance at the PTA Council Course is one of the electives for the Illinois PTA University Masters Degree.

Presidents Course

The PTA President’s Course is designed to help make president the easiest job in the PTA. The course provides the opportunity to obtain knowledge and skills that will help the PTA President to set an example and lead with confidence. Although presidents are encouraged to attend, the course is beneficial to all leaders and potential leaders. Attendance at the PTA President’s Course is one of the requirements for the Illinois PTA University Bachelor’s Degree.


Bachelor’s Degree
District, Council or Region Meeting or Workshop

Every year, each District and Region throughout the State holds a meeting to conduct the business of that Region or District. These meetings may also include a meal or workshops for members to continue their PTA education and make the PTA journey easier to handle. The courses may be the PTA University courses or specialty courses designed for your area.

If your local unit is a part of a Council, your Council will also hold regular meetings throughout the year to conduct the business of the Council. Contact your Region or District Director to find out when these meetings are held in your area. If you do not know who your contact is, feel free to contact me, and I will get you in touch with the proper people.


State Conference or Workshop (Not at Convention)

These events are most commonly known as Value of PTA Conferences. Illinois PTA has been offering more of these events over the past few years to assist our members and get them the training that they need. A Value of PTA Conference will cover any topics that are requested by the area PTAs. Beyond the standard PTA University courses, the following courses have been offered at these events in the past:  Valuing Volunteers, Understanding the Common Core State Standards, Bullying Awareness, Involving Men in PTA, and many more. We are currently putting together a list of all of the courses that have been created by state board members so we can make them available throughout the state.


Illinois PTA Convention

Every year the Illinois PTA holds a state convention to conduct the business of the Illinois PTA. The convention is a great opportunity for you to get a chance to meet with all state board members face to face, ask the questions that you want answered and see how your efforts at the local level impact what we do at the state level and how we move it up to the national level.

At convention, delegates nominate and elect future board members, amend our state bylaws, approve resolutions, approve our audit report and budget, and handle any other business that may need to be done. We offer workshops and open discussion sessions on topics that are on everyone’s table in the state of Illinois. Please join us and see your Illinois PTA in action.


Master’s Degree

Legislation/Advocacy Conference

Join fellow PTA advocates for this exciting three-day event that provides in-depth discussion about PTA’s public policy priorities through interactive workshops, keynote speakers, advocacy trainings and more. Attendees also will visit Capitol Hill—where they put their skills and expertise to use through meetings with their Members of Congress. The National PTA Legislative Conference is generally held in early March, with registration for the event typically beginning in January.


National PTA Convention

Every year over 1,000 members representing every state in the US gather to celebrate PTA and our accomplishments. This is where the business of National PTA takes place. We vote in our new officers and introduce and approve resolutions and by-laws. You get a chance to meet some amazing people including your National PTA board and a number of special guests.

Training is a priority of PTA and that continues at the National Convention. With days full of training there is sure to be something that you have an interest in. Classes cover topics from volunteers to parliamentary procedure and everything in between.
There is an amazing exhibitor’s hall for you to network with companies that can assist you with your PTA goals. There are many companies geared to fundraising, health concerns, school needs and much more.


Doctorate Degree

Train The Trainers

This course is designed for PTA leaders that want to be involved with training future leaders. In this course, you will learn the skills and techniques to be an effective trainer. The course also covers how to be an effective communicator, how to use various media in training, how to use group activities to enhance training, and tips and tricks to make your training courses memorable. The course finishes with an opportunity for each participant to practice what they’ve learned and receive feedback.

Thesis Project

The Thesis Project requires prior approval by the current Leadership Development Director. The thesis project is going above and beyond the basics of PTA.
Qualifying project include but are not limited to:

  • Creating an approved PTA training course
  • Hosting a candidates forum
  • Creating an approved “Program to Go”

If you feel that you have a great idea or program to share, please pass it on so we can share it with other leaders.


Train Your Local Leaders with E-Learning Courses

Local PTAs are transitioning to new leadership. It is time to train your local PTAs for the coming school year. We offer 14 e-learning courses to help prepare local leaders for running a PTA. Some of the more popular courses are board basics, our PTA year and running a successful PTA program. Check out the PTA Nuts and Bolt Series, to help your newly elected leadership team learn the basic governance structures behind most PTA units. Help your new local leaders start the new school year off right. See a full list of courses now on our e-learning library